Monthly Archives: September 2014

Talking With God in Everyday Life


Have you ever noticed that there are lots of ways we humans talk with each other?

-Sometimes we sit face-to-face and discuss serious things.

-Sometimes we work alongside each other and conversation helps move the work along.

-Sometimes we busily call instructions from another room.

-Sometimes we just sit quiet and are “with” the other person.

I think that we can talk to God in these ways, also.

-Sometimes we sit and have “devotional prayer time”.

-Sometimes we’re working and chatting with him about the work, or asking for Help, or complaining to Him about it…

-Sometimes we cry out for help while dashing about daily life.

-Sometimes we sit quietly and listen to Him, or just sit and be “with” Him.

I think this is part of what Brother Lawrence was explaining in the classic, “The Practice of the Presence of God”. We are always with God and He with us, so we should get into the mindset of noticing and keeping the communication going- in lots of different ways.