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The Perfect Bedtime Prayer- The Daily Examine


If you’d like a prayer that will truly help improve your nightly rest- and improve your trust in God- the Daily Examine is a good place to start.

I learned this ancient prayer years ago and have made it part of my nightly routine.

The Daily Examine was taught in the early 1500s by Ignatius Loyola, a Spanish monk. He devised the Examine while he lived in a cave for a while, spending his time learning to seek God.

Over the years, many versions of the Daily Examine have been developed. Here is the Examine I practice:

Each night, before I go to sleep:

1. I examine my day. Where did I see God at work in the world around me?

Maybe I saw a beautiful sunrise or heard a wren sing. Maybe I saw God’s handiwork in a the colors of the trees or the chirps of the crickets.

2. I examine my day. Where did I see God at work in people around me?

Maybe a student had a moment of insight. Maybe I saw God bless someone by providing for a need.

3. I examine my day. Where did I see God a work in me?

Maybe He revealed to me another character issue (kind of a daily event…). Maybe he brought a Scripture verse to life for me.

I note these things and thank God for them. That is the Examine.